Committees & Events


The Trustees are responsible for the overall Federation Policy and oversee the management of all aspects of the Federation and plan of work and comprise:

Lesley Holdway (Broughton Gifford) Chairman, Lesley Adam (Atworth), Kate Crawford (Bromham), Daphne Atkinson (Boreham), Christine Walker (Winterslow & Firsdown), Ruth Davies (Amesbury), Gill Birtwistle (Pickwick), Rachel Wilkinson (Across the Plain).  We also have three BoT Assistants and they are Pam Loosmore (Atworth), Elma Lawer (Kington Langley), and Anna Zebedee-Hardy (Pewsham).

A monthly newsletter Wiltshire News is published which keeps all members informed of what is happening around the county.

Their appointed sub-committees organise large and small events, workshops, coach trips and holidays.

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To find out more about the events, workshops, holidays currently planned and diary dates, please select the applicable heading.

Arts & Leisure -  represent areas of home economics, arts and crafts, music and drama and sports and leisure

Public Affairs - follows and promotes campaigns and responsible for communications

Membership  -  organise the work of the WI Advisers who, in turn, advise and encourage WIs.  It is responsible for the formation of new WIs.

Events  -  organise holidays and large events

Workshops -  arrange small workshops across a wide spectrum of interests.

If you would like to help organise any of our events, or see what becoming a committee member involves, why not come as an observer to one of the meetings?  Contact WI House on 01380 722338 to find out more