Arts & Leisure

This committee aims to promote an interest in all aspects of Home Economics, Arts, Craft, Music, Drama, Sports and Leisure, Leagues (Scrabble, Skittles, Whist and a thriving Golf Section) and related subjects.

Committee members are Kate Crawford (Bromham), Madelaine Flight (Bushton & Clyffe Pypard), Julia Gay, (Bushton & Clyffe Pypard), Linda Golding (Bratton), Fiona McDowell (Little Somerford), Anne Smith (Bromham), Kay Woodward (Bushton & Clyffe Pypard).

ALL events until futher notice are postponed and we will let you know as soon as we start booking events.  In the meantime we will be running a 'Not the Usual Meeting' via Zoom on Thursday 15th October 2020 and if you are interested please let your WI Secretary know so she can contact WI House for Zoom information.